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Every electric guitar needs a guitar amp, and amps need to do one thing…make it louder! It needs to have tone right out of the box without all the dials. It needs to be versatile, portable and compact for any gig or session, be loud enough to be heard over a drummer, tube driven, hand wired, and be ready for the stage or the studio in a moments notice. It also needs to get along with pedals, have a sweet overdrive, and have tone for days. It dosen’t hurt if it’s hand made in the USA and at a price that won’t break the bank. Introducing, the Triad Select Amp.


(2) 6V6 Power Tubes (in Cathode Bias)
(2) 12AX7A Pre-Amp tubes
(1) 5Y3 Rectifier tube
14 Watt Class ‘A’ Amplifier
Hammond Output Transformer
1 Channel w / Hi and Low inputs
Controls: Volume (pull “Wild”), Bass, Treble (pull Hi-Mid boost)
8 ohm output
Cab: 1×12 (Celstion G12M)


More Details:

The Triad Select Amp is a classic 14 watt 2x6V6 amp that has a few modern updates and touches to put it in the 21st Century. We paired the classic 50’s Tweed era power section with the 60’s era preamp section and Bright switch without the need to change inputs. We also added some total versatility with the “Mild or Wild” switch. This changes the character of the amp from a controlled and meatier distortion (Mild), to chime, grit, and sparkle (Wild). American fat and dirty blues to UK hot and gritty…virtually across the pond with one switch – the best of both worlds. Its low power and cathode bias gets the breakup right at the perfect volume for a club, but loud enough to play with a drummer.

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